Destination - Kombolcha

Country Ethiopia
Region Amhara Region
Zone Debub Wollo Zone
Elevation 1,842 m (6,043 ft)
Population Total(2007)    108,667
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)


Kombolcha is a city and woreda in north-central Ethiopia. Located in the Debub Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region, it has a latitude and longitude of 11°5′N 39°44′E with an elevation between 1842 and 1915 meters above sea level. Some guide books describe Kombolcha as the twin city of Dessie which lies some 13 km to the northwest.
This city shares Combolcha Airport with neighbouring Dessie. It is also home to Kombolcha Steel products, a metalworking factory that is part of MIDROC, a conglomerate owned by businessman Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi. Another industry in this town is the Kombolcha Textile Factory (KTF), which announced 9 March 2009 that it was beginning a 190 million Birr modernization project to improve the quality of its projects. At the time of the announcement, the KTF exported its goods to Italy, Sweden, Belgium and China.


Tadesse Tamrat records that archeologists discovered "some remains of Christian settlements", dated to the late first millennium of the current era.
When the missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf was led as a prisoner from Adare Bille's capital to the Teledere House of the Wollo Oromo in April 1843 he passed Kombolcha, which he described as a village near the source of the Borkana River.
Kombolcha was described during the Italian occupation as having postal and telephone service, a clinic, a spaccio ("tobacco shop"), barrack village of the A.A.S.S. as well as other improvements intended for Italians.
Kombolcha was used as a base by the United Nations relief organization and other humanitarian groups during the 1984 famine. On 19 November 1989 the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) claimed to have captured Kombolcha. However, the highway from Kombolcha to Assab was not fully brought under TPLF control until the Derg was expelled from Tigray later that year.